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Driving Information

Maximum Island speed limit.

Take your turn with other vehicles in joining or crossing any stream of traffic.

Green Lanes are intended principally for enjoyment by Pedestrians and Horse riders. Motor vehicles should try to avoid using these lanes. The speed limit is 15 MPH.

A yellow transverse line across a road denotes the exit of a minor road and means GIVE WAY.

Traffic lights in Jersey change from Red to Green with no amber in between.

If you have an accident:

  • Stop and do not move the car.
  • Call the Police on 612612 and Avis on 519100 or 0800 735 1110 immediately.
  • Do NOT admit liability.

Parking Information

Yellow Lines

A single yellow line parallel to the kerb or roadside prohibits parking DAY and NIGHT.

Parking (Scratch) Cards

Parking in St. Helier streets and in most Public Car Parks is paid for with Parking Cards which can be bought from any shop or garage displaying this symbol. You can buy units of paycards which are presently costing 73p per unit/hour. This will allow you up to one hour of parking per unit. Read the instructions on the back of your Paycard then scratch off the MONTH/DAY/DATE/HOUR/MINUTE of your arrival and display the card inside your windscreen. From 5.00pm to 8.00am and all day SUNDAY no Paycard is needed and parking is FREE. Sand Street car park now runs a pay system which enables you to pay at the car park.

Parking Discs

In some roads on the outskirts of St. Helier parking is free but controlled by Parking Discs obtainable from the Town Hall. Use of the Disc will give you 2 hours in the Green Zone and 3 or 6 hours in the White Zone - look for the plates fixed on to lamp-posts. Set the Disc to show your time of arrival and display inside your windscreen. From 5.00pm to 8.00am and all day SUNDAY a disc is not needed.

Disabled Parking

If you are an Blue Badge holder you may park in one of the special parking places set aside for disabled drivers in both St. Helier streets and Public Car Parks around the Island. A map of parking places may be obtained from the Town Hall. The Blue Badge must be used in conjunction with a Parking Disc. NB:- In normal Parking Card areas you may park up to 2 hours for 1 unit card.

All Parking

You are not allowed to park within 10 yards of a junction, on or near a pedestrian crossing or Bus Stop, on a bend, where it would block entrances or in a narrow lane. NB:- Near some Harbours, at the Airport and in privately administrated Car.